Tuesday, 16 August 2011

holiday song

if there's one song that reminds me of the holiday i have just returned from, then it would have to be 'because of toledo', by The Blue Nile. most likely, it's because i went to toledo.

 before the holiday, i had never listened to The Blue Nile, but i have now discovered that it is the most beautiful type of easy listening; the gentle acoustics against a soothing voice, belonging to Paul Buchanan. the song 'because of toledo' has some meaningful lyrics on reflection, which i will analyse here for you, what i think the song means, and how the lyrics portray themselves to me: (italics=analysis)

Because of Toledo,
I got sober, and I stayed clean.
the man feels toledo has sorted out his life.
The pick ups in wild prairies
The shadows dancing in between
its a beautiful place, of tranquility
Girl leans on a jukebox
in a pair of old blue jeans
Says i live here
but i don't really live anywhere
a poor girl, feeling she doesn't fit in, wherever she goes. she is possibly homeless.
Because of toledo,
tuesday it's raining
and i'm pulling on my shoes
i guess i quit believing in
early morning news
maybe nothing really is what it seems.
there's a boy orders coffee
and he settles down to think
'bout the woman that you love sometimes
is the water that you drink
you seen to only love her sometimes, but truthfully, she means everything to you.
and another faded waitress dressed in pink
they're all the same around here.
cries for toledo
lipstick and the cocaine traces
coming off drugs, and trying to be beautiful
one face in a thousand faces
stumble through
so many places
you're only one person, no matter where you go
because of toledo
(yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, yeah)
because of toledo,
the highway looks so thin
now everything is plain, compared with toledo, nothing is as beautiful. he has begun travelling.
see another motel sign
think of pulling in
going somewhere to think, where to go? this travelling is no use.
write your name upon the mirror, there
the only secret that i know
but i guess that i'd be chasing rainbows
you're so special, but really he knows, he'll never be up to your standards, so it's pointless anyway.
back to toledo, i think i'll go
let's just go back to toledo, where i'm of any use.

a beautiful song, do you not agree?

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