Saturday, 30 April 2011


let's face it, everyone likes it when people smell nice. you like people when they smell nice. people like you if you smell nice, which is why it is important to wear the best perfumes availible! i'll blog here about my favourites, because i think most people know, i'm quite in to perfumes and sprays, so this post could go on a while!
So Hooked On Carmella, by benefit.
this perfume is so gorgeous; i wear it most days now.
it's quite strong, but it smells musky, sweet,
and it smells of spiced vanilla.
fragaria: 9/10.

wildbloom, by banana republic
this is a lovely light and girlish
perfume, which you can tell by the bottle!
it draws you in, and in this sense is slightly
overpowering, but in all other ways, its floral
scent is lovely!
fragaria: 8/10.

princess, by vera wang.
this perfume is sweet and girly, but it isn't
too overpowering, yet it lasts a long time.
it smells of vanilla and marshmallows, a lovely
soft combination.
fragaria: 10/10
be delicious, by dkny
ah, the fresh and sharp be delicious! i love this
perfume for its crisp apply finish, not like any
other perfume! it's long lasting and doesn't overpower
you, so i think this is an ideal perfume. however, it's
freshness means that it is not best suited to nights out!
fragaria: 9/10

love fragaria,xxxxx

Saturday, 23 April 2011

besos xxxx

as the weather starts to get warm and dry, your lips will become more chapped, so it's important to get a lip gloss that as well as protects your lips, has a gorgeous colour and flavour to it! i personally own a ridiculous amount of lip glosses, so it should be easy for me to find some of the better ones, and blog them here
natural collection in FONDANT



philosophy in MELON DAIQUIRI


love fragaria,xxxx

nailed it

it goes without saying to me, but you can't complete an outfit without the right hairstyle, makeup, accessories and nail polish, and it has just occured to me that i very rarely mention nail polish in my posts, so here are a few of my favourites to wear in the current bright warm days, along your pastelled outfits
MALIBU GREEN, american apparel.

CORAL REEF, models own.

all of these nail polishes are good quality, long lasting, and as you can see in the photos, lovely colours!
love fragaria, xxx

easter day

with easter being tomorrow, i guess i should make a post about some stylish ways to celebrate easter! i think easter oufits tend to look girlish and elegant, but that's just my opinion! however, with the weather being currently warm and rather humid where i live i think it's best to go with girly dresses anyway

easter is best matched up with springy pastel colours, and you can buy dresses in a great variety of these colours. you can also buy so many accessories to go well with easter, so i will make a mix and match post on some good easter outfits for you!


Scripps Pier in Green, 36.00GBP hollister.

floral pinafore, 28.99GBP new look.

Pansy print dress, 19.99GBP republic.


ecote shoe, 48.00GBP urban outfitters.

floral laceup, 21.00GBP schuh. 

VILLETTE pumps, 20.00GBP topshop.

love fragaria, happy easter!,xxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 15 April 2011

the moccasin shoe

beautifully styled, comfortable, and wonderfully summery, there's nothing to not love about the glorious moccasin shoe!

they're availible in pretty much every clothing shop right now, and considering they're going to be a height of mode in summer, you're probably best buying a pair or two now, as they will match everything you will want to wear in the summer months, and will be a perfect pair of shoes to take on holiday with you if you are going somewhere hot!

Blue Ballerina moccasin
35.00GBP, next

MOSES tan moccasin
32.00GBP, topshop

amywinehouse moccasin
52.00GBP, fred perry

espadrille moccasin
15.00GBP, schuh

bow moccasin
17.99GBP new look

love fragaria,xxxxx


hey again! sorry i haven't posted for so long, but i'll make up for it, and post lots for you now, starting with the lovely new craze, chinos!

when i first saw people in chinos, and photos of them, and them on hangers in shop windows, i just thought, 'they're hideous;who would wear them?!' but, now, having seen them in lots of different ways, i've decided that actually, i really like them!

something that i admire about chinos, is that they can be worn to create lots of different looks. they can go with khaki and vests to create a military look, shirts to give the smart impression, and even cardies or pullovers for the prep style! so, i'll post some photos of different chino types, and ideal outfits...

this is a photo of reese witherspoon, wearing her chinos
with a casual cardie and flip flops, showing the casual style to the
chino trousers! i don't know where reese bought her
chinos, but there are some just like it in your usual
high street shops!
this photo of a pair of chinos clearly doesn't
show the whole outfit, but this should show how
lenient the wearing of chinos should be! these
particular chinos, are camel, 36.00GBP
at miss selfridge
i'm not sure if these trousers completely pass as chinos, but they will have to do!
teamed up with an oversized blazer, heels, and white vest, these chinos make up a really
stylish look, which could be worn into town, to look very fashionable!
zara, 49.99GBP

these chinos, 24.99GBP are khaki from h&m, and
worn under this varsity baseball jacket, and with
flat pumps, they can give the sporty look.

love fragaria, xxx