Saturday, 20 August 2011

coat for winter analysis

yes, i know, it's summer, but ever one to be prepared, i have my winter coat now! (hurrah!)

i was shopping in miss selfridge for a few extra holiday dresses, when i came across this delightful piece-

despite the army-green look on this photo, my new coat is in fact BLACK. fitting at around knee level, this is a coat that will look very elegant in the snowy months with black tights and heels. i love the collar of this coat, and with it being faux-fur, i am even happier knowing i'm not wearing a dead fox of some variety! i find the fabric of this coat absolutely perfect, as it is cosy, and warm, and can be worn both open and closed for an equally stunning look. also, the fit of this coat is brilliant, because my size 8 version of the coat is wonderful for bringing in the waist and emphasising the hips, YES HOUR GLASS!
(ps, hour glass is definitely the new 'in' figure.)
at £85.00, i would say the value of this coat is very good, as you would EASILY pay more for it in different shops! besides, it's a winter coat; you need three at the most, so it's definitely worth spending that little bit extra on such a lovely coat!
Well done Miss Selfridge!

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