Saturday, 20 August 2011

film/book: the devil wears prada

the devil wears prada! WHAT a film!
a few months ago, my best friend lent me the book, forcing me to read it and going on about how amazing it was. at first, i was slightly dubious as to its content, believing that it would be some unrealistic love story about an evil girl wearing expensive stuff. however, it is the most realistic and insightful story of the most sought-after job in the world, so kudos to my best friend for giving it to me!

reading the book at the dinner table, my mum came in and asked me, if i had seen the film. THERE'S A FILM?! oh my word, it gets better! answering no, i vowed i would find the film, and watch it until i could recite it backwards (it really is the kind of film you want to do that with)!

so, on a trip to town with two lovely friends of mine, we visited HMV, and i rushed to the film section, searching desperately for the devil wears prada. at £4 from new, i was elated with my find, and i arrived home excited to watch my new film.

i watched the film, and found sections funny, upsetting, and plain gob-smacking!

in case you've never read the book, or watched the film, it's basically a film about your normal girl working in a fashion industry. it's enlightening, as to what goes on under the magazine cover; how everything is done in time, how the models are so thin, and why they are never as down to earth as they seem.

for anyone planning on working in the fashion industry (actually, anyone at all) this is a must watch/read.

i promise you, this will not disappoint!

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