Monday, 28 February 2011

the garden girl: 1, dresses.

garden print is all in this season, and especially worn as dresses.
 here is a post of some garden print dresses.

Hollister £36

White Pattern (White) Scenic Print Prom Dress | 211458119 | New Look
New Look £29.99

Miso Contrast Belt Rose Dress
Republic £24.99

Miss Selfridge £46

love fragaria,xxx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

goodnight floozie...x

floozie, by frost french
 such a glamorous way to end the day, i think these pyjamas are a necessity for lovely looks

floozie also do bags/purses, socks, and underwear, but this post is about their pyjama range.
my current favourite by them, is their yellow chemise.
i also love their garden print camisole top!

floozie pyjamas are at a very good price for their quality and elegant look, 
they can be bought from debenhams, online or instore

love fragaria,xxx

Friday, 18 February 2011

graduation collection@ topshop

topshop currently have this great look going, which has been labelled a collection and called graduation. it consists of preppy style, which is becoming more and more popular, and i love it,so it's all good!

MACK two tone brogues
  the MACK two tone brogues are an absolute bargain; i had to re-check about ten times to check i wasn't misreading them! they're wonderfully stylish,and can be worn in heaps of combination outfits from prep college girl looks, to floral dresses!
the leather 2 tone shopper is gorgeous, i adore it! it's a little bit expensive,but only in comparison to the rest of the collection, otherwise it's a great price.
the Light Brown Belted Suedette Shorts (which in my opinion are more of culottes) are very prep look, and at £30, another wonderful price! these, again can be worn with soooooo many different things, but i don't think you can beat brogues to match everything.
leather 2 tone shopper
they were just my favourite three pieces of the collection, so head to to look around more
love fragaria,xxx

Light Brown Belted Suedette Shorts

Map Tote Bag

sorry,but this bag deserves a post of it's own!

zoom view

a handbag


wrapped up
the map tote bag, £46.00 from urban outfitters.

this bag is so quirky and unique;you will have people curiously thinking about this bag for a while,i think

i would buy it now,while stocks are high and popularity is low,so that you can be the original map tote bag owner in your area, be a fashion trendsetter.

love fragaria,xxx

Thursday, 17 February 2011

the style icon

ok,i want to write about a style icon;their clothing,their makeup,their hair,what they get up to,and more to this effect,but,who shall i choose?

let me know who you want to be our style icon,by commenting one of the following competitors-

emma watson, photograph preview
for spring collection at people tree
daisy lowe at london
fashion week spring/
summer 2011
alexa chung, pictured
at mulberry, new york
fashion week spring
summer 2011.
olivia palermo, at the
tibi spring fashion show,
hayley williams, pictured
at the grammy awards
zooey deschanel, pictured
at the fresh launch of rimmel
cosmetics 2011

love fragaria,xxx

hello from fragaria!

hey,fragaria here!
this is my first post,as i'm guessing you can see! i like to write about fashion,makeup,hairstyles,famous people and other topics like that!

i'm hoping people will like to read my blog,and give my ideas a go,and enjoy the outcome.

love fragaria,xxx