Friday, 15 April 2011


hey again! sorry i haven't posted for so long, but i'll make up for it, and post lots for you now, starting with the lovely new craze, chinos!

when i first saw people in chinos, and photos of them, and them on hangers in shop windows, i just thought, 'they're hideous;who would wear them?!' but, now, having seen them in lots of different ways, i've decided that actually, i really like them!

something that i admire about chinos, is that they can be worn to create lots of different looks. they can go with khaki and vests to create a military look, shirts to give the smart impression, and even cardies or pullovers for the prep style! so, i'll post some photos of different chino types, and ideal outfits...

this is a photo of reese witherspoon, wearing her chinos
with a casual cardie and flip flops, showing the casual style to the
chino trousers! i don't know where reese bought her
chinos, but there are some just like it in your usual
high street shops!
this photo of a pair of chinos clearly doesn't
show the whole outfit, but this should show how
lenient the wearing of chinos should be! these
particular chinos, are camel, 36.00GBP
at miss selfridge
i'm not sure if these trousers completely pass as chinos, but they will have to do!
teamed up with an oversized blazer, heels, and white vest, these chinos make up a really
stylish look, which could be worn into town, to look very fashionable!
zara, 49.99GBP

these chinos, 24.99GBP are khaki from h&m, and
worn under this varsity baseball jacket, and with
flat pumps, they can give the sporty look.

love fragaria, xxx

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