Friday, 11 March 2011

A collection of must-watch films for a friday night...

as much as this is ideally a fashion blog, i think everyone loves some films every now and again, so, go and get these films in, because they are actually the best!

(500) days of summer
i love this film soooo much, i only first saw it relatively recently, but it's wonderful! it also has a brilliant sort of 'moral' to it, but i won't say what it is, because i'm not entirely sure how obvious it is, or whether i've just over-analysed it! anyhow, it's a lovely film, but there are sad parts too...
i'll give it a quick summary-
summer (Zooey deschanel), has come to the attention of tom (Joseph gordon-levitt). however, whilst tom has been dreaming of finding his 'one true love', summer has never believed in the sort. the pair then go on to have a pendulum relationship, going between rowing, and a loving couple. one night, summer invites tom to her balcony party, but the result could not be expected! this causes a split in the couple, and tom finds it hard to move on. when he does move on, however, a moral is revealed...okay, i'll tell you it...

true love- how true is it? say for instance, you could be sitting right next to your true love right now and not know it, they could be a random passer-by. and what's the chances of you meeting them? what would happen if you turned up to your true love first meeting place half an hour later, and they had left? would you meet them again, and call it fate, or is that really it? you just never know.
anyway, enough pyscological stuff, on to the next film!

Little miss sunshine
;aw, you just can't help but loooove this film; it has so many storylines going on, and they are just all so loveable! i've watched this film so many times that i think i could act it out now, which is probably not a good sign! this film is happy, in a fun and cheeky way, a great film to watch!
olive, (abigail breslin) is practising for her dance competition/beauty pageant. she's not the perfect skinny pretty girl, but she has a dream, and she certainly puts in the effort! brother dwayne (paul dano) is undergoing a vow of silence, in order to go to flight school. uncle frank (steve carrel) is a gay scholar currently living with them folloing his failed suicide. dad, richard (greg kinnear) is failing to sell his motivation scheme, and the family are falling apart financially due to it. he's doing the work, but people are not interesting. grandad edwin (alan arkin) is a foul mouthed and foul minded man with a good heart (and a drug addiction), and has taken it upon himself to coach olive for her pageant. so, all in all, this slightly disfunctional family set off on a road trip in a broken van to allow olive to partake in her dream; the pageant. inevitably, there are some shocking results,which have sad, and hilarious outcomes! i can't say any more without giving it all away, but this film is definitely worth watching!

everybody's fine
this film is the saddest film i've ever seen, but it certainly will teach you a lesson; DON'T LIE.
a widowed man, frank, (robert de niro) is getting lonely. he has four children, who as far as he knows, are all living successful lives in different countries, but sadly, he hasn't seen much of them lately. so frank plans a party, buys expensive food and wine, and gets the house ready, but one by one, each of the children cancel on his party. determined to see his children, frank sets off on a cross country journey to visit them, despite his heart health meaning that he shouldn't. he firstly heads off to visit david (austin lysy) in new york. frank waits on davids doorstep for the whole night,but david isn't in, and doesn't return home. assuming he is on a holiday, frank goes to visit amy (kate beckinsale) in chicago, who lives in a very smart house with her children, and her 'husband'. she quickly moves frank on to her brother, robert(sam rockwell), in denver. in franks eyes, robert lives a successful life as a musical conductor. however, robert's orchestra are set off to europe, so frank is moved onto his fourth child, rosie (drew barrymore) who lives a trendy life as an actress. that night, she is babysitting for a friend's child, and so frank is once again moved on. a part of this film that i found particularly upsetting was that when frank was talking to his children, he saw them as 'children', the way they would have looked twenty or so years ago. anyhow, feeling uncomfortable with his children not appreciating his presence, frank flies home, only to suffer a heart attack during turbulence on the plane.
the children all come to visit, and let the truth slip (i won't let it slip, though). after finding out the truth, frank feels slightly more optimistic about his children's lives, and the film has a happy ending, as the family eat around a christmas meal table, and frank speaks to his late wife's grave about their children's lives.

SERIOUSLY. watch these films.
love fragaria,xxx

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