Saturday, 30 April 2011


let's face it, everyone likes it when people smell nice. you like people when they smell nice. people like you if you smell nice, which is why it is important to wear the best perfumes availible! i'll blog here about my favourites, because i think most people know, i'm quite in to perfumes and sprays, so this post could go on a while!
So Hooked On Carmella, by benefit.
this perfume is so gorgeous; i wear it most days now.
it's quite strong, but it smells musky, sweet,
and it smells of spiced vanilla.
fragaria: 9/10.

wildbloom, by banana republic
this is a lovely light and girlish
perfume, which you can tell by the bottle!
it draws you in, and in this sense is slightly
overpowering, but in all other ways, its floral
scent is lovely!
fragaria: 8/10.

princess, by vera wang.
this perfume is sweet and girly, but it isn't
too overpowering, yet it lasts a long time.
it smells of vanilla and marshmallows, a lovely
soft combination.
fragaria: 10/10
be delicious, by dkny
ah, the fresh and sharp be delicious! i love this
perfume for its crisp apply finish, not like any
other perfume! it's long lasting and doesn't overpower
you, so i think this is an ideal perfume. however, it's
freshness means that it is not best suited to nights out!
fragaria: 9/10

love fragaria,xxxxx

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