Friday, 18 February 2011

graduation collection@ topshop

topshop currently have this great look going, which has been labelled a collection and called graduation. it consists of preppy style, which is becoming more and more popular, and i love it,so it's all good!

MACK two tone brogues
  the MACK two tone brogues are an absolute bargain; i had to re-check about ten times to check i wasn't misreading them! they're wonderfully stylish,and can be worn in heaps of combination outfits from prep college girl looks, to floral dresses!
the leather 2 tone shopper is gorgeous, i adore it! it's a little bit expensive,but only in comparison to the rest of the collection, otherwise it's a great price.
the Light Brown Belted Suedette Shorts (which in my opinion are more of culottes) are very prep look, and at £30, another wonderful price! these, again can be worn with soooooo many different things, but i don't think you can beat brogues to match everything.
leather 2 tone shopper
they were just my favourite three pieces of the collection, so head to to look around more
love fragaria,xxx

Light Brown Belted Suedette Shorts

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